A Farm house Bungalow
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"Sai Vrundavan" Concept

The breathtaking site of this project demanded a getaway that wouldn’t clash with its pristine surroundings giving birth of this “Sai Vrundavan project” with carefully chosen detailing to give it a remarkable presence on the map of Velhe region of Pune, Maharashtra. The whole concept is creating a Luxurious Modern country home dwelling on a Sublime and Pristine Site. We are interested in what is fresh and original, beautiful and appealing, trying to pick the most interesting ideas which may be for your week end home away from home.  Don’t blame us if you fall in love with our “Sai Vrundavan”- a hill side paradise.

Creating the “Sai Vrundavan” farmhouse plots is a concept of alienation from nature that owes much to the rise of congested residential concrete jungles growing all over the city of Pune that corresponds to a loss of contact with the natural processes of life. In an age where rapid urbanization is the norm, more and more city dwellers are returning to the simpler and healthier lifestyle that our “Sai Vrundavan” could offer to give you the chance of a Retirement Village lifestyle where you can wake up in the morning to beautiful country views and inhale fresh pollution free country air in a spectacular natural setting overlooking distant mystique hill views.

The country-lifestyle development of “Sai Vrundavan” farm house plots will offer you an idyllic country lifestyle. This is where in your  own 11000 sq.ft plot of land you can build your dream bungalow villa and develop an organic garden of orchards and plant mango or various other fruit trees, in amongst other beautiful mature native trees. It is here you can have your own self-sustaining, country living lifestyle based on environmentally friendly philosophy, live life surrounded by spectacular scenery and the natural beautiful landscapes that extends into the horizon all around. Here you could be exhilarated by majestic hill views; luxuriant green valley’s all around and the happy faces and light-hearted voices of the village folk. All combine into a distinct adventure with the sparkling rain waterfalls as a backdrop with clear spring water running over your feet that truly is a singular and memorable experience, that our “Sai Vrundavan” can offer. Would you like such a lifestyle with a home that feels like home? A country home which leaves a gentle footprint in this beautiful place within “Sai Vrundavan”? 

If any of these wishes are on your list, then by the time you’ve explored this project site and read all the stories and looked at the beautiful images of our land, you’ll know for sure if you’d like to visit us and see it for yourself. And let your imagination see if this is the place where you can set up a country home for you, your family or your friends.